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Direct Buying - No Distributor
Claim Forms Plus manufactures its own goverment approved medical and dental claim forms. We are commited to providing exceptional service and support, which is why we choose to produce and distribute our own UB-04, CMS 1500, Dental, and Medical Claim Forms. This allows our staff to focus solely on medical and dental claim forms in order to deliver the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

What is the alternative to buying direct? Well, other distributors of medical and dental claim forms may take your order and send it to a distribution center across the country for fulfillment. Filtering orders through multiple distribution centers increases product cost and the likelihood of an inaccurate shipment. Customer support is handled in similar fashion, where your concerns are sent to the first distribution center that received the order.

When special situations arise at Claim Forms Plus, our team is prepared to handle the problem in-house with little to no delay. Claim Forms Plus is the direct provider for one of the largest medical and dental claim form manufacturers in the country. Working side-by-side with the printers, we have the ability to spot-check all product orders to ensure accurate fulfillment. When you have questions, we will have answers.

Avoid buying your supplies from a distributor who sells another company’s catalog. Purchase your health and dental claim forms from Claim Forms Plus.





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